Each time you select a new  teacher for your tuition you have an intro lesson to meet the Teacher.

These sessions are free of charge you can make your decision to start lessons with this Teacher or try another Teacher. If you have any particular learning requirements tell your Teacher during the introduction, only this way they will have a chance to deliver personalized program, tailored to your needs.

Every time you finish your lesson you will be asked to complete a short survey.

This survey helps Teachers to understand where they need to improve.

You will also have the option each time after a lesson issue review that will be visible only to Teacher. Do not hesitate to give feedback to your Teacher, only this way they have a chance to make better next time. If you feel that you deserve a refund, then ignore the review, go back to your Calendar, find the lesson and click the ‘Report’ button – you will then be asked for some feedback and our support team will resolve this with the Teacher.