When your Student makes a booking for the test lesson, make sure you use this time to understand expectations.

The test lesson is not an actual lesson where the Student is expecting to learn something.

The purpose of this session is for you two to understand what are the Student’s expectations and can you as a Teacher deliver them.

Also, information and notes gathered from your initial conversation with the Student should give you a picture of how to personalize the course program for that particular Student.

Unless you ask the Student all necessary questions, you are going to base your study program on your assumptions of what is best for the Student,  which may not be what they want.

Below is a list of a few questions that can guide you through this process:

  • What are the Student’s expectations from this course?
  • Can the Student articulate in full their expectations?
  • If not, make sure you ask additional questions regarding the purpose of taking the course.
  • Has the Student ever learned this topic before?If yes, what level are they at currently ?
  • Is the Student aware of where he/she has problems with the subject? Any focus area you should be particularly aware of?
  • Any learning difficulties or preferences the Student would like to outline?
  • Any known diagnosed learning difficulties you must consider during the course delivery?
  • Is the Student still at school? If yes, which level. If not at school,  is he/she  a working professional?