When you make a booking for the test lesson, make sure you use this time to explain Teacher your expectations and your goal(s).

The test lesson is not an actual lesson where the Teacher is expected to teach something.

The purpose of this session is for you two to understand your expectations and if your Teacher can meet these.

Also, information and notes the Teacher takes from the initial conversation with the Student should give him/her a picture of how to personalize the course program for you.

Unless you tell the Teacher all necessary information, they are going to base your study program on their own assumptions of what is best for you, which may not be what you want.

Below is a list of a few questions that can guide you through this process:

  • What are your Teaching techniques?
  • As a Teacher, what do you feel works best, and brings the best results?
  • Do you have your own materials, or are you using already available publications?
  • How quickly can I grow to the required level of knowledge with you as a Teacher, and can we set up a goal?
  • What is your cancellation policy? (Please remember Kolada‚Äôs supporting policy has no cancellation within 24 hours before lesson; however, your teacher may allow for cancellation even 5 min before the course in special cases. )
  • Check course details and cost. Do you have a full understanding how long each session should take and how you are going to fit this in your day-to-day schedule?
  • Are you able to help with assignments?
  • Would it be ok to book you as a subject matter expert in project review and project feedback?